What Is Advocacy


Advocacy is the art of presenting a case—in a court of law, in the media, or just to a friend or colleague. Lawyers, journalists, and other effective advocates are trained in specialized communications skills, and advocates for Israel also need specialized skills in order to defend Israel’s image and promote the truth about the Middle East.

The Jerusalem Center for Communication and Advocacy Training (JCCAT) is a communications training and consulting service that specializes in serving the pro-Israel community. Under its director, David Olesker, its workshops have assisted a wide range of groups, including Israel’s Foreign Ministry and major Jewish Organizations on five continents.

J.C.C.A.T’s advocacy training workshops teach supporters of Israel how to:

  • understand how perceptions of Israel are formed
  • appreciate the problem of negative perceptions
  • present a new, positive image

We achieve these goals by teaching the most advanced forms of:

  • media relations
  • debate skills
  • counter propaganda techniques

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