Israel Advocacy Skills Training for Your Community: Spring 2020

The Expected and the Unexpected

Israel advocacy expert will show you how to prepare for both

What will be the response to the “deal of the century”?

We can’t know how EU states will respond, much less Iran and the Arab states. What we do know is that, regardless of any new diplomatic initiatives, anti-Israel advocates will continue to peddle a view of the Middle East that is mendacious, myopic (see this cartoon from almost 30 years ago!) and sometimes even classically antisemitic.

If our response is limited to running around and putting out the fires caused by such lies, then we will discover that it is the arsonist who is calling all the shots. What’s needed is an overall strategy to regain control of the discourse and put the pyromaniac on the defensive.

Expert training

I have more than three decades of experience teaching Israel advocacy skills to a wide range of student and community groups from Israel and all over the English-speaking world.

This spring I will be in North America, running Israel advocacy skills training workshops for campus and community groups who want to upgrade their abilities to advocate for Israel.

Among those who have already profited from my workshops are:

Among those who have already profited from my workshops are:

  • Israel’s diplomats and emissaries
  • the staff of major Jewish organizations
  • Jewish Federations and JCRCs
  • high school and university students
  • community activists from around the world

Subjects covered include:

  • Why is it so hard to get people to accept our messages? How can we make them compelling? Learn about CENTRAL versus PERIPHERAL PROCESSING OF INFORMATION, and ANALYTICS versus HEURISTICS.
  • CONCEPTUAL FRAMING: How to go off the defensive and seize the initiative.
  • CAMPAIGNING: How to move from events to sustained campaigns.

These techniques will prepare advocates for Israel to deal with predictable calumnies as well as the surprises that are bound to confront us.

Dates and details

Dates of the spring tour of the US and Canada are April 19–30, 2020. if you would like me to visit your community, organization or school, please be in touch regarding fees, available dates and logistics.

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