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Advanced workshops from an Israeli expert
April 2018


If you think everyone is against you, are you paranoid… or just realistic?

There are antisemites on the left and right.

Jews, of all people, could be forgiven for feeling that they have no friends. It may be understandable, but it’s not true. Despite the rise of neo-Nazi groups like National Action (that is more of a security threat than a political danger) and the ongoing concerns about antisemitism on the Left, most Britons do not harbor antisemitic attitudes to Jews or the Jewish State.

We are not widely hated

Despite justifiable feelings of being threatened, the statistics show no widespread support for antisemitism among the British public. That’s the good news. The bad news is that there is widespread indifference to antisemitism, especially among younger people. The UK’s Labour party is clearly experiencing a problem with antisemitism, one that was extensively publicized before the last election. Despite that publicity many young voters still chose to support it. If you had asked them if they hated Jews or Israel, the vast majority would have said, sincerely, that they didn’t. But is that enough when extremist hatred is coming closer to the center?

And if you thought that all the problems lay on the left of the political spectrum, then remember that the current government (regarded by many as being friendly to Israel) voted in the UN to condemn US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

We don’t need to be victims

I’ve spent decades training advocates for Israel around the world in a systematic method to produce effective and persuasive pro-Israel messaging. In April I’ll be coming the UK and will be available to visit your community, campus or organization in order to help you hone your Israel advocacy skills. I’ll show you:

  • How to frame a message to give yourself the greatest chance of success.
  • How to build coalitions at the grass roots to multiply the number of active supporters of Israel.
  • How to go from the defensive to taking the initiative.
  • How everyone can be an advocate in mass media, social media and one-on-one interactions.

When and where?

I will be in the UK from April 22 through May 2, giving training workshops in London, Manchester and Aberdeen, and I am open to visiting other locations. For details of available dates and applicable fees, please be in touch as soon as possible.

(NEW WORKSHOP! For the first time ever on an overseas trip I’m going to be offering hands-on training in public speaking. Details are here.)

David Olesker
Jerusalem Center for Communication and Advocacy Training
Training advocates for Israel and public speakers for over three decades
14/3 Agassi St. · Jerusalem 9387714 · Israel
Tel. +972-2-651-2610 · Fax +972-77-470-2844
e-mail: jccat@iname.com · Website · About.me · LinkedIn · Facebook

David’s workshop brings a new and thoughtful perspective to advocacy. His presentation on having the information to advocate, techniques to convey the information, and a forum to advocate in, equips communities with the tools they need to become effective Israel advocates.

Carol Brick-Turin, Director
Jewish Community Relations Council, Greater Miami Jewish Federation

In my 25 years of work with media, communications, education and training within the Jewish community, I have met no one who does what David does even half as well.

Of the plethora of Jewish- and Israel-oriented educational programming I have implemented in forty states and a dozen other countries, David Olesker’s programs were the ones students most told me they found to have fundamentally changed and enhanced their understanding.

Alan Oirich
Director of Production at Shalom TV

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