Fight Antisemitism in Britain NOW!

Help Jews in the UK Fight Antisemitism Now

Jeremy Corbyn:
Leader of the UK Labour Party and self-described friend of Hizbollah and Hamas

It’s shocking to realize that Jews in the UK are facing the most severe threat from antisemitism of any community in the Western world. This danger is not due to street violence, neo-Nazis or Islamist terror (although all of those things exist) but because a major political party has become infected with systemic antisemitism. The UK’s Labour Party, under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, has purged almost all of its pro-Israel legislators – particularly the Jewish ones – replacing them with many who are hostile to the Jewish state and the UK Jewish community. The party is leading a normalization of antisemitism so pervasive that Britain’s Chief Rabbi has said, “the very soul of our nation is at stake.”

But Jews and their supporters in the UK are fighting back. The recent recognition by the British government that the “political wing” of Hizbollah is just as much an illegal terror group as its “military wing” is a notable victory. For years Jew-haters have paraded through the streets of London waving the Hizbollah flag to incite and intimidate. The standard of the terrorists is now banned!

“Al Quds Day,” London, 2017

Do you wish you could do something to help? You can!

A key part of the fightback comes from local, grassroots “Friends of Israel” groups who operate on a shoestring and are staffed by volunteers. As you know, I train advocates for Israel, and in April 2018 I went to the UK to run a series of advocacy skills workshops for these groups. This only happened because of the support of people like you. These brave advocates want more! The people I trained in 2018 have invited me to return, and still more activists have asked for training. Please contribute to this campaign to help Jews on the cutting edge fight back.

Don’t worry if you can’t contribute much, literally every dollar counts in this campaign. Please click the link to go to our Jewcer page to learn more and to contribute.

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